Trinity Racing Ministries

Introducing the Motorsports & Drag Boat communities to a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We cherish being involved in the lives of the racers, crews, owners, and race fans, we value these relationships. We have performed weddings, baptisms, and memorial services at their request. Whether it is someone we know directly or a member or friend of their family, when asked to serve, we do so with a grateful and glad heart. Our Chaplains are credentialed through their home churches and are well versed in being able to perform these duties.

To share God’s love and grace with everyone in the Motorsports and Drag Boat community, who God leads across our path by reading the Word, speaking the Word, and living the Word.

Our goal to serve the Drag Boat and Motor Sports communities reaches further than the gates of the race venues.

The Racer’s Prayer
"Lord, I pray as I race today.
Keep me safe along the way.
Not only me but others too
As they perform the task they do.
Covered by Your Amazing Grace.
As we run our daily race.
With every lap or run I make
Guide me, keep me in Your hand.
Until on the Victory stage I stand,
Until that final checkered waves,
I thank you Lord, for every day.
In Jesus name, I pray, Amen"