Kentucky Drag Boat Association

The KDBA was built on the idea of having an organization that would not only allow its members to come and race their boats,

but would also work hard to bring its members the best racing locations, safest conditions, those all important prizes, and a have all this built into a 100% family friendly environment.  The drivers of today still growing on the same qualities that built the organizations so many years ago.  This is a family of people that love the sport and not only know each other from running beside them on a high speed water straightaway, but many have grown up here together.  From our well seasoned racers to our newest young members, our members are family, and sometimes family just has to race it out.

Welcome to the Kentucky Drag Boat Association

“I thought it went great,” Salsman said of the KDBA’s first season at Lucas Oil Speedway. “We’ve been trying forever to get this club off the ground. It’s kind of hard to run upper-caliber pro boats without some good sponsorship.

“We had a really good turnout. I come from being used to running 50-70 boats, so it was a real shocker for me, but we were real happy with it. It’s as professional an environment you could ever hope to operate in. We were thrilled with how the season went.

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