Racers for Christ

Over the past 50 years, Team RFC has expanded from a small ministry to one of the lead motorsports ministries in the world. Here, you will learn about our vision, mission and motto. In addition to this, we share a small snippet of our history. Also, discover our approach to ministry, as well as our beliefs and how we are structured. Finally, see what we have discovered throughout our 50 years of serving the world of motorsports.

We train, equip and send chaplains to meet the spiritual, emotional and practical needs of those in the world of motorsports.

We realize that racing is more than just a mechanized existence.  It is our desire to bring a more balanced perspective to racing by providing chaplains to help people in the world of motorsports see, feel and be impacted by the love of Jesus.

Ministering to All Motorsports

Team RFC® serves at all types of motorsports events – Drag Racing, Circle Track Racing, Off Road Racing, Drag Boat Racing, Tractor Pulls, Motorcycle Racing, Road Course Racing, Karting, and more. You will also find us at Car Shows and Cruise-In’s.  But no matter the type of racing or rodding people are involved in, you will find the men and women of Team RFC® ready and willing to serve.

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